Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get my product(s)?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a link to download your product(s). You should also receive a confirmation "thank you" message which will contain the same link to download your product(s).

2. Do I need a special application to download my product(s)?

You will need to use a PDF application (such as Adobe Reader or Pro) to open your product(s). There are several applications available (free and for a cost) you can use to download and open a PDF. 

3. How do I customize my product(s) with my child's name or information?

You can use a PDF application to write in names or information in your file. You can also print the file and write in your details. We find printing and adding a handwritten touch to our letters makes them most fun and believable! 

4. Can I print my product(s) for more than one family member?

Absolutely! You can print your letter as many times as you would like! You can also edit  our letters. However, please note our license requirements below:

  • our products are copyright protected. You may not resell our products;

  • you may not mass distribute our products. Mass distribution is defined as providing our products to people outside of your family via e-mail or in print in bulk (10+ people).

5. What if I can't get my product(s) to download? 

No problem! Send us a note through our Contact Us page and we will get right on it! Don't forget to include your e-mail address and phone number so that we can follow up!

6. Can I use these products electronically?

Yes! Instead of printing, you can download your products and then place them into an e-mail to share with your family! 

7. I received an extra download. Was I supposed to get that product too?

Yes! As our gift to you, we have included an extra printable for you and your family to share. We hope you enjoy and it helps to spark conversation about the Gospel!

8. Will you be adding new products throughout the Christmas season?​

Yes! We are working on new products every day! Come back and visit us for more letters and printables!

9. Is your business based in the United States of America?

Yes! We are located in beautiful, sunny Florida (where Santa likes to take vacations!).

10. Can I follow you on social media?

Yes, you can find us exclusively on Gab. 

11. Do you share any of your profits with charity?

Yes we do! We will be sending a portion of our profits to charity. We are in the process of choosing charities for donations. We will be sure to announce our donations on our homepage!

If you have a suggestion for a Christian based charity, please send us a note!